Sugar Sheet Paper Forest Free Paper

We are now using Sugar Sheet paper! Sugar Sheet Paper (Sugar Cane Fibre) is produced using sugar cane fibre residue called “bagasse”. This raw material is a natural byproduct of the sugar cane crop, thus having no impact on forests or the food chain. One ton of refined sugar production results in an estimated two tons of bagasse. Using it helps us all preserve trees, reduce greenhouse gas, and save water.

Sugar Sheet paper looks, performs, and is completely recyclable just like traditional paper.

What about the Impact from raw materials? – Impacts from raw material are assumed to be reduced for Sugar Sheet paper compared to traditional paper since the key raw material (bagasse) is an agricultural waste product which would otherwise be disposed. For example, in Mexico, recycled paper is the principal feedstock in paper mills(rather than wood pulp), accounting for about 75% of raw material use*. According to the paper mill, Sugar Sheet paper is sourced from 100% waste materials*

It has been proven that Sugar Sheet paper has substantially lower GHG emissions and wood consumption associated with its life cycle than conventional, wood-derived uncoated freesheet alternatives, even when 100% recycled alternatives are considered.



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